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Fruit Juices
Small $3  ­/  Large $5

Orange, Apple or Pineapple Juice.



Bottles    $3.5  /  Cans    $2  / Lemonade    $3.5
Coconut Water    $5   /  Kombucha    $5

Hot Tea    $3  /  Hot Coffee    $3

Strawberry Lemonade $4.5

Iced Coffee $4.5


Smoothies    $9

Strawberry Sunshine

Strawberries, orange, mango
Stella Blue
Apple, blueberry, banana

Tropical Dream
Pineapple, mango, banana

Orange Mango Creamsicle
Orange, mango, plant milk


Shakes    $8

Ask for our daily flavors!

While we seek to accommodate all dietary restrictions + allergies, all of our food is prepared on shared equipment + we cannot guarantee the lack of cross-contamination. Menu + prices are subject to change.

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