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BREAKFAST (Available open to 3pm) LUNCH 

Single pancake, slice of french toast or 1/2 waffle --- $3

Kid's Combo --- $8

Choice of pancake, french toast or waffle. Served with tofu scramble & tempeh bacon. GF Available


LUNCH OR DINNER (Available all day)

Served with French fries or Applesauce

Chicken Nuggets    $10

Cheeseburger   $10
GF available

PB + J    $6
GF available  

Grilled Cheese     $7.5
GF available

Hot Dog $10

Pizza $10

Choice of sausage or cheese

Spaghetti & Meatballs $10

Served with garlic bread (not served with a side choice)

While we seek to accommodate all dietary restrictions + allergies, all of our food is prepared on shared equipment + we cannot guarantee the lack of cross-contamination. Menu + prices are subject to change.

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