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Dinner is served from 5-9pm Monday-Saturday.


Extra sauce .75¢ each.

Hummus  — $7.5

With grilled za’atar flatbread + kalamata olives. GF available

Battered Mushrooms  — $9.5

With housemade ranch. GF available

Chicken Nuggets  — $9.75

With choice of vegan honey mustard, sweet + sour, ranch, BBQ or buffalo sauce.

Shoestring French Fries  — $6.75

Chipotle Fries  — $7.25

Chili Cheese Fries  — $9.5

Cauliflower Wings  — $11.5
With choice of housemade sauce ­— buffalo with housemade ranch, BBQ or sweet + sour. GF available

Bruschetta  — $7.5

Fresh tomato, basil + olive oil over toasted garlic bread.


Chili Bowl GF— $6
Homemade soup of the day — Bowl  $6



Choose from housemade sesame dijon, ranch, Italian, thousand island + fat-free balsamic vinaigrette.
Extra dressing .75¢. Add a grilled garlic butter vegan chicken breast for $5.

Spring  — $6.5 
Organic mixed greens, carrots, cucumber slices + grape tomatoes. GF

Sesame Chicken  — $13
Sesame glazed vegan chicken, organic mixed greens, carrots, scallions, bell peppers + sesame dijon dressing.

Arugula  — $9.75
Arugula, tempeh bacon, strawberries, bell peppers, carrots, walnuts + fat-free balsamic. GF

Caesar  — $10.25
Romaine, kalamata olives, carrots, croutons + house Caesar. GF available


Add a side salad for $2.

Fried Chicken Dinner  — $18.5

Vegan chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, stuffing + housemade mushroom gravy with grilled veg.


Nut Loaf  — $18.5
Cashew loaf + garlic mashed potatoes + housemade mushroom gravy with grilled veg. GF
Add vegan cheese for $2  /  Grilled garlic butter vegan chicken breast $5 


Mediterranean Plate  — $15.25

Housemade hummus + falafel, organic brown rice, grilled za’atar flatbread with tahini + za’atar fries. Served with organic mixed greens. GF available

Thai Curry  — $15
Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, bell peppers + red onions in housemade red curry + organic brown rice. GF   
Add tofu or tempeh $3  /  Grilled garlic butter vegan chicken breast $5  /  Beef $5

Old Pueblo Burrito  — $13
With brown rice, corn, grilled peppers, onions, vegan sour cream, guacamole + salsa. Served with organic mixed greens.
Add vegan cheese for $2


Choice of potato salad, salad or fries. Substitute adzuki patty for $1. GF Available

Garlic + Mushroom  — $15.75

Housemade soy patty with grilled mushrooms, onions, baby arugula + herb mayo. 


Adzuki  — $13.5
Housemade patty with Adzuki beans, shredded vegetables, grains + nuts. 

Classic  — $13.5
Housemade soy patty + grilled onions.

Wildcat  — $15.75
Housemade soy patty with caramelized onions, tempeh bacon, vegan bleu + sriracha mayo.

Route 66  — $13.75
Housemade soy patty with tempeh bacon + vegan cheese. 

BBQ  — $13.75
Housemade soy patty with BBQ sauce + crispy, battered onions.

All pasta dishes are served with organic mixed greens + garlic bread.
Add a grilled garlic butter vegan chicken breast for $5.


Fried Chicken Alfredo  — $18.5
Two chicken breasts over cashew alfredo.   

Linguine + Meatballs  — $14.75
Linguine + vegan meatballs with housemade marinara.  


Tomato Basil Alfredo  — $16.75
Linguine, fresh tomatoes, garlic + basil with fried tofu + housemade cashew alfredo.


Spaghetti + Meatballs    $10

With garlic bread.

Chicken Nuggets + Fries    $10

Cheeseburger + Fries    $11
GF available

PB + J    $6
GF available  

Grilled Cheese + Fries    $7.5
GF available

While we seek to accommodate all dietary restrictions + allergies, all of our food is prepared on shared equipment + we cannot guarantee the lack of cross-contamination. Menu + prices are subject to change.

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